Screenshot Guru isn’t an app or an extension. It’s just a website that you can go to and paste in a URL of a page or post you want to capture. Then, you click a button and Screenshot Guru will find your page and capture it for you, letting you download the resulting screenshot to your device in a single click. GoFullPage is another great extension you can use to take scrolling screenshots on your Windows 10 device, as well as on other Windows systems and even Macs. It’s a Google Chrome extension that is free to use but also has a premium version for $1 per month that unlocks extra features. It’s simple to use, gives high-quality images, and offers easy saving and sharing, too.

  • Reboot your machine and select the removable device as your boot medium in your machine’s firmware.
  • We are now ready to bootup Easy from the internal hard drive…
  • If the problem was nonobvious , and you had a clear and concise technical question, you could try opening an issue in this github and maybe get some feedback from the devs.
  • If you have lost the partitions, it could be due to the above reasons.

(If it’s not there right away, click the puzzle piece icon, then GoFullPage from the extensions list). Then all you’ll need to do is click the Pin icon next to it to get it to appear permanently in your particular browser’s bar. Press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse on the scrolling window to select the area. Use Windows search to search for snipping tool and select the first result to open it. Open an application like Paint or Word and paste the screenshot to it. Select Save and choose where you want to save the screenshot.

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Windows 10 has introduced a new screen capture hotkey combination, which enables you to crop a screenshot with the following process. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can quickly access the program’s features such as snapshot, scrolling screen, or screen recording. The easy, intuitive interface in Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro allows you to effortlessly utilize all of its features. If you want to capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows – for a document, webpage, or any other content – you will need the help of a third-party application. So, your first step will be to download the third-party application you want to use. As a software reviewer at PCMag, snapping screenshots is something I need to do many times each day.

One of the challenges of a heterogeneous environment consisting of macOS, Windows, and perhaps Linux machines is that each operating system uses a different file system. This means that normally, they can’t share a common external hard drive. True, you could buy two 1 TB hard drives instead of one 2 TB hard drive. But it’ll be much more convenient to have one hard drive to rule them all, particularly if you plan on connecting your hard drive to your network. To format an internal or external hard drive to use for backup or additional storage, the drive needs to be partitioned. Partitioning divides your drive into sections, but you can choose to simply have one partition .

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And if you click the preview that pops up in the bottom-right corner of your screen, you’ll be able to save and edit it. Click the menu to take a rectangular, free-form, window, or full-screen capture . Windows 10’s Snip & Sketch is the best way to screenshot on Windows if you’re looking to customize, annotate, or share your screen captures. It’s not just a screen capture of an active window you can take.

Even though it’s not recommended to create separate partitions, it’s another advantage of manual partitioning. Replace sdc1 with the relevent disk and partition that you want to format. In this example, the disk is /dev/sdc, and its the first partition on that disk. Make sure you get the drive and partition correct or you may wipe something that you dont want to. The ext4 filesystem is known as the forth extended filesystem, and is the default file system on many Linux distributions. If you do not know which one to chose, it is never wrong to pic the default Ubuntu version to get started.